La Nonna

I could do with my fav la nonna pizza now…

Spears of asparagus atop a tomato-mozzarella base, a healthy amount of truffle cream sauce added on at the end with a cracked egg in the middle and aged Parmesan cheese shavings. Tops my list of pizzas in Singapore not least because it’s a thin crust with enough bite to it, and the smoky flavours that accompany every bite attests to the wood-fired oven it was thrown into.

And before I move on I must say how well the truffle cream sauce goes with the tomato base. The acidity cuts through the cream beautifully and the truffle though not the expensive truffle shavings you get during this season, are more than enough to bring in some woody, earthy flavours into this simple pizza. Love it!

New on the menu for appetizers were scallops and gosh were they good! We were told the chef changed the recipe the day before and they asked for our comments about it. “You have to keep it on the menu”, that’s all I had to say.

Scallops seared beautifully on the outsides, sliced carpaccio- style, drizzled with olive oil and topped with what I call “truffle jam”. To complete the look, a pile of rocket leaves were littered on top. I can’t imagine having this as appetizer on my own, the portion was huge!

I must try fresh truffle once this season to understand all the fuss. Truffle oil, truffle salt, and what looks like “truffle jam” here already taste so good. I can’t imagine what the real deal would taste like.

And footnote: this is the la nonna branch in Namly, the only branch I frequent. I’ve heard of bad impressions in the Holland V branch, though i never tried so there isn’t a basis of comparison for me. Service here can be quite gruff, depending on who you get and who you are. I shan’t elaborate about double standards here since this is public domain afterall. I don’t usually get offended but seriously when you’re in a bad mood (exams..) and the service sucks, you can’t help but want to leave the place. Thank goodness we got a friendlier waiter later on, and the food rocked my socks off.


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