Greenwood Fish Market

One of our family’s favourite places to dine is Greenwood Fish Market. Proximity is one thing, but we are usually guaranteed good food, something that pulls us back time and time again.

Unfortunately, I found hygiene to be a little lacking this time around. Not only was there a housefly buzzing around the place – a major faux pas in any self-respecting restaurant– there was also a strand of hair in my food. What a major turn off.

This seafood platter ($98) ends up on pretty much everyone’s table all the time, so we decided to try it out for ourselves. It feeds 1 hungry man and 2 hungry women sufficiently, though the menu recommends it to be shared with only 2. For a group of three, I think ordering an extra plate of plain aglio olio would fill in the gaps nicely. The only two underwhelming items on the plate were the octopus in the octopus salad which was way too tough, and the teeny tiny scallops tossed in marinara sauce. The calamari was well battered, crunchy till the very end. Lobster, small but full of natural sweetness- savoured every little morsel of this. Baked oysters were so plump and juicy inside, with a melted cheese topping – but much to my chagrin, 3 oysters did cause a bit of a tummyache. Fish kebabs were made of top-quality fish, not leftovers, though the grilled veggies could have done with less oil. Nothing to fault with the mussels and clams doused in white wine garlic sauce, and the prawns.

You would notice that Greenwood Fish Market has a few basic sauces that they keep ‘recycling’. Personally I’m starting to get bored by all the sauces but I really don’t think they will be changing anything in the near future. Oh well.

Dad’s choice of Apple Pie for dessert was fantastic. Baked thinly sliced granny smith apples that have a level of tartness and sweetness stacked neatly inside a thin buttery crumble-like crust, and butterscotch sauce drizzled judiciously on top.

Service was quite bad this round. I won’t be coming back here anytime soon unless the craving for fresh seafood prepared without the frills strikes again.