a3 Bistro & Bar

a3 has a wide selection of pizzas and pastas, similarly priced to la nonna. This casual eatery tucked away next to bar bar black sheep and a zi char restaurant proved to be a gem.

I had their signature Oven-baked spaghetti tossed with Tandoori flavoured chicken & garlic wrapped with banana leaf. It made quite a grand entrance for the waitress had to peel open the banana leaf parcel for me. It smelt just like otah straight off the barbecue, if you know what I mean. Theatrics aside, the tender chunks of chicken were a delight, and so was the al dente pasta but I could have done with some vegetables to balance out the oiliness.

The friend had a creamy tangliatelle mixed with bacon and mushrooms which he also enjoyed. Our pastas were both slightly over 20 adding in the taxes, but I must add the portions are generous.

Now if you are craving chocolate cake that is rich, moist and not too dense, you must-try a3’s chocolate cake ($8++).

It’s unpretentious. Purists like me would be excited to find three layers of fluffy yet moist chocolate sponge, smeared with dark, bitter chocolate ganache boasting bright fruity notes in the aftertaste. The thick chocolate ganache enveloping the rest of the cake is spiked with just a little booze for extra kick.

Wait wait, you haven’t heard the best part! It’s served warm. Suffice to say I was very impressed. I would have been even more impressed if they actually used quality vanilla ice-cream but it tasted store-bought, not even to the standard of Dreyer’s.