Jimmy Monkey- the new kid in town

I’m not much of a coffee person so when I entered Jimmy Monkey, I was there solely for the cafe grub.

My order – without a drink- elicited a gasp of surprise, followed by a passionate introduction of their cafe’s Slayer espresso machine, which is apparently the first in Singapore. I was somewhat bemused, especially when a complimentary latte did eventually land on my table. These people really love their coffee don’t they?

I know close to nothing about coffee, aside from the fact that it keeps me alert on my sleepiest of days. But JM’s latte is certainly worth the hype. It’s aromatic, and more importantly smooth without too strong an acidity that puts me off coffee most of the time. I love the coffee art here, which is consistently well-defined even during a subsequent visit with my friend. By the way, my friend downed 2 cups, a flat white and a long black- three shots in total- because it was that good! :O

Vegemite & Cheese turkish bread toast with a half-boiled egg

The turkish bread was neatly sliced up into toast soldiers, crisp with a thin spread of salty Vegemite and melty cheese. It’s quite a huge portion for one, but I finished it up anyway. I’m actually starting to like cheese – but only the melted versions, I still can’t come to terms with hard/semi-hard raw cheeses.

The casual atmosphere makes the cafe a perfect place to read, or surf the web. You’ll find the decor a little quirky- toilet bowl on top of you, or books in the toilet?- which is interesting of course.

Jimmy Monkey’s located in a relatively secluded area, so be sure to do your research before going. For more information about this place, visit their website.