Monday perk-me-ups: ET Macarons!

Introducing ET’s latest additions (that may or may not stay so get them while they last!)

Green tea buttercream with a smear of red bean paste in the centre. My favourite flavour combination of all time so forgive me if I’m biased. The green tea buttercream isn’t very bitter, but the grassiness is quite apparent. Methinks it’s the red bean that masks the bitterness (which I love) but oh well, red bean is a must when there’s green tea. Definitely on my list of must-buys whenever I go to ET from now on!

Now the black sesame is worth raving about. The filling is a lighter version of black sesame paste, made extra smooth because it’s buttercream. The sprinkle of black sesame on top not only makes it aesthetically more pleasing, but also adds extra crunch and flavour to the mac. Delish!

Just in case you’re curious, or faced with the horrible task of having to choose between the x number of flavours in ET’s display case, my favourite flavours are- Blackforest, Chocolate Hazelnut and PB&J (chocolate flavours), Vanilla Bean, Green Tea, and Black Sesame (non chocolate flavours)

Note: A box of 5 retails for $11