Midnight Snack- Koshi Pan!

Who was I kidding when I said the brown rice red bean bun from Petit Provence was my favourite? Fact is, I like most of their red bean bun variations.

Waking up hungry at 3.53am was a first for me. Crept downstairs to grab a bite (scared grandma to death, she probably thought I was a thief), and ended up having more than just fruit and mooncake. This is koshi pan, which uses koshi an- adzuki bean paste without the skin of the beans. Contrast this with the regular An pan that petit provence also sells, which has adzuki bean paste with the skin of beans (Tsubu An). The latter is as a result, richer in flavour but the former, smoother in terms of texture. The texture reminds me a lot of mirabelle’s (now defunct unfortunately) sweet potato bun filling. You can tell the two apart by the sesame seeds sprinkled on top. Koshi pan uses black sesame seeds as you can see.

Recently they introduced their prosperity bun (the variation is the bread. At first sight, it looked like a doughnut but I didn’t try so I’m not sure) which dad commented was good, but somewhat lacking in the red bean filling. I avoided the brown rice bun during the recent visit because it looked pretty unappealing in the display cabinet. I think sticking with Koshi pan/ An pan would be a safer (though not necessarily better, because on good days I really like the brown rice bun) choice, especially if you haven’t tried their original pans before!

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