Mooncake Series 2011, #4: Hua Ting

The parents get lots of traditional white lotus mooncakes every year. It’s a favourite amongst corporate gifts probably because it’s easy to keep, and it lasts longer.

So far, we’ve tried Resorts World, Wah Lok, Fullerton, Overseas Restaurant (KL), and Hua Ting. There are some variations here and there but the single constant amongst all of them is the white lotus paste- and that is what I’ll focus on.

Plain as it may look, Hua Ting’s traditional white lotus paste with macadamia nuts is a winner in most aspects. The paste is not cloying nor sticky- a problem that the rest faced, Wah lok in particular. We loved how soft and moist the paste was, and how it didn’t clump onto the roofs of our mouths. In a perfect world, I would still like it less sweet, but that’s me being finicky.

On a side note, the macadamia nuts were a welcome change from melon seeds because it provided a more substantial crunch. The only little grouse I have is that the skin is more oily than the rest. Aside from that, this has got to be the best of the lot!