Raku @ Greenwood Revisited

From left: Raw Vegetables with an addictive miso dip (a raku concoction) for starters, California maki- the best I’ve ever had in sg; the roe they use pops in your mouth as you munch on them, centrury egg cold tofu- I like the umami-ness of the sauce used

The Raw selection: Mackerel, topshell, and the topshell’s liver in a vinegary sauce (yes you heard me right)

From left: Grilled yellowtail was very meaty as usual (they use the collar of fresh yellowtail flown from Japan, not the frozen kind), tender and juicy beef cubes, and black sesame ice-cream

Dinner at Raku was again a decadent experience. We had our usual favourites like their grilled yellowtail, california maki, and beef. Eating sashimi in Raku is always a unique experience because John never fails to introduce something new. This time we had mackerel, and topshell- both very easy to eat, something I would even recommend to people who don’t frequently eat sashimi. We ended off with a complimentary black sesame ice-cream and fruit.

Meals like this are what I consider morale-boosters for the week.

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