Mooncake Series 2011, #2: Jewels Artisan Chocolate

Alcoholic snowskin mooncakes are now a dime a dozen making it really difficult to differentiate between all the brands. Truth be told, we are all creatures of habit so my family buys ours from Raffles Hotel without fail every year. Unfortunately, I forgot Raffles Hotel doesn’t set up booths in many places including the Taka Mid-Autumn Festival, so my plans of buying my favourite snowskin mooncakes were dashed.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. In my search for alternatives, I stumbled upon a brand that sells my favourite macarons, Jewels Artisan Chocolate. They also offer mini snowskin mooncakes like the now ubiquitous Champagne Ganache Truffle (which Raffles Hotel is also famous for), Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl (incidentally my favourite, from Raffles Hotel), Espresso Truffle, Salted Caramel Truffle, and Korean Black Garlic.

Their mooncakes are individually vacuum-packed in a red metal tin. You can choose to buy a tin with assorted flavours, and the best thing is you get to choose which flavours you want, and how many of each.  The usual price is $56.80, but I got a 15% discount when I bought from their booth in Taka.

The aroma of the champagne in the truffle core is distinct, and flavour-wise you definitely won’t miss the alcoholic hit. I think reducing the sugar in the lotus paste is a good decision because white chocolate is already sweeter to start with.

My favourite is the espresso truffle. Naturally the espresso made the mooncake very fragrant, plus the bitter finish that lingers on the tongue is a welcome change.

Grandma can’t stop raving about this one, because the crunchy pearls provide a nice contrast in textures, and the dark chocolate enveloping each pearl balances the sweetness of the lotus paste.

All in all, we are very pleased with all the flavours we bought. But if our memory serves us right, the snowskin for Raffles Hotel Mooncakes is just slightly more tender, and the lotus paste a little smoother. That said, the truffle cores for jewels’ are more impressionable which is no surprise really, since they specialise in chocolate.

Do note that you can receive a $10 discount voucher for every box of mooncakes you buy from their orchard central outlet. Click here to find out more.