Mooncake Series 2011, #1: 大中国

I grew up eating lots of traditional mooncakes, and one brand that really resonates with me is 大中国.

Our yearly staple is actually not the traditional yolk and lotus paste versions, but the one with red bean paste, or as we say it in hokkien, Dao Sa. It’s grandma’s favourite flavour so she was the one who used to buy it for us from Chinatown. We prefer the latter to the former because it’s less rich, and very fragrant. But what makes 大中国 different from their counterparts is their mooncake crust. It’s thin, the bare minimum, a hallmark of any good mooncake.

Another thing that I really like is the packaging of the mooncakes. A flimsy box with the most outlandish oriental design you can think of, and a brown paper bag with the brandname emblazoned on it. There’s nothing more old school than that!

You can get a box of 4 from their counter @ Taka for just $29.60 (the ones with lotus paste cost more of course). Alternatively you can head down to their branch at Chinatown but according to my grandma and parents, you might possibly meet a queue.