Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

I shan’t even bother writing much. This place is really not worth a second thought.

The edible: tofu with preserved veg, and veggie buns. Yea, the plainer the better.

Perhaps the only thing worth noting is that the pork ribs were nice (left)- that is if you like cartilage like me. Prawn wantons (right) had such a pasty skin that even dad left the ends untouched

I crown thee the worst steamed bun/ xlb in existence. Those thick, pasty skins were inedible. The messy folds pinched topsย made it even worse. And the fried item that was supposed to be tofu tasted, and looked more like a fried green fishcake

Okay, I’ve said more than what I thought I would. But I must say it was quite hilarious to see a pile of xlbs, drained of all the filling on my plate. I would like to add that I hate wasting food, which was why I tried to finish everything that was edible.

Sigh, better sunday lunch this week I hope.