Jewels Artisan Chocolates- Black Garlic Macarons?

This blog’s first post was about Jewels Artisan’s Chocolate, and I also said before that if I were to rank my favourites I would put theirs first. I hardly go to Orchard Central, so I haven’t been eating their macarons for a long time. But recently, after a lovely dinner in OChre, I popped by Jewels to grab some macs for dessert the next day.

Much to my delight, Jewels has since expanded their offerings to include Simply Dark, Butterscotch, Black Garlic, and Brun. The Black Garlic macaron is the latest to be introduced, and in fact they have quite a few other desserts also featuring this ingredient.

From left: Butterscotch, Brun, Black Garlic, Simply Dark and Black Palm Island Salt

Jewels’ macs do not keep well because they are already well-aged, so keeping them any longer might result in soggy macs. It’s best to consume them fresh, at the shop itself.

Butterscotch was a huge disappointment, and I really hope mine was just an anomaly. The crisp shell was thick- a sugar crust to be more exact. The huge air pockets inside were shocking, and the caramel was horribly overcooked resulting in a bitter, metallic aftertaste. I’m seldom so critical about something but this was a disaster.

Thankfully, Simply Dark was all right. The mac shells were tender, having received enough moisture from the 85% dark chocolate ganache. For those who have gripes over the sweetness of macarons, and have unadventurous tastebuds, this would be a perfect choice for you. However, more ganache would be welcome, and given that this place takes pride in their chocolates, perhaps more innovative chocolate flavours (single origin chocolate ganaches maybe?) would be great.

I was very fond of Brun, which is filled with hazelnut and almond praline paste. Others might not find it very spectacular, but personally these are my favourite nuts so I loved it.

The Black Garlic macaron has an extra charge of 40 cents. I would suggest that you consume this separately from the rest. The pungent smell and taste of garlic lends it a savoury twist that might not sit well with your tastebuds if you eat it alongside the sweeter flavours. I couldn’t get past 1 bite when I ate it with the rest, but when I had it the next day, it was much more palatable. My favourite part was the candied pieces of black garlic embedded in the buttercream. Sure, you’ll probably think of garlic bread (it can’t be helped) but it’s really worth a try ๐Ÿ˜›

Black Palm Island Salt has always been one of my favourite flavours. Filling the mac with salted egg, almond cream, and sprinkling a few granules of black palm island salt on the surface of the mac shell is such a clever idea. You won’t be able to find this anywhere else, that’s for sure!

Jewels is also distributing macaron bookmarks at their shop- another addition to my macaron memorabilia! Each mac costs 2 bucks but they charge gst as well. Do note that DBS and POSB cardholders get a 10% off. I paid 10 bucks for my macs ๐Ÿ˜€

This place sells one of the cheapest macs in town, and still remains my favourite spot for my macaron-fix because of Chef Then’s innovativeness and the quality of the ingredients used.ย Do note that the macs sold here areย tender– similar to Pierre Herme macs. If you like chewy macs, you won’t like the macs sold at Jewels.ย The only gripe I have would be the inconsistencies in terms of the quality and the size of the macs, something that I hope would improve over time.