ET Artisan Sweets, Vanilla Choux = Vanilla Heaven

I wasn’t planning to eat my vanilla choux because the family dinner was just an hour away but I succumbed to temptation by the time I reached the car(sigh).

The first bite really jolted my senses- similar to what happened with me and my first macaron. I sense an obsession in the making!

The icing sugar dusted choux puff is studded with sugar gems, and filled with the silkiest vanilla bean speckled pastry cream you can imagine. The vanilla perfumes your mouth with every bite. A mess is almost inevitable because there’s so much pastry cream inside! I was quite glad to be in the car (away from public view) when all of a sudden I realised a jogger was staring straight in my face. Oops. Bet he was really really jealous of me at that point in time. HAH.

Believe me, it took a lot of effort to resist a second vanilla choux. Don’t worry, it’ll be gone by tomorrow 😉 These palm-sized babies cost 3 bucks per piece, and are available only on saturdays (store not open on sundays).


2 thoughts on “ET Artisan Sweets, Vanilla Choux = Vanilla Heaven

    • Crunchy on the outsides with a stretchy interior. Great texture! Bet it’ll be even better early in the morning fresh out of the oven.

      Going to try tampopo’s version next week to compare 😀

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