Starbucks Brekkie

Still in the midst of recovering from jetlag, and recounting my experiences in Spain. Memories do fade afterawhile so my favourite way of preserving them is writing them all down accompanied with pictures if possible.

I concluded that Starbucks is the new Macs whilst we were in Spain. There were multiple shops in Seville, Madrid and Barcelona. Gosh! And this is considering the fact that there are many other local coffeehouses in these areas.

Back to the topic: I usually like a green tea latte and a bagel to go with it when I’m at starbucks. But a recent (alright, maybe it was a few months ago) discovery of this Chicken Sausage Omelet and Cheese Sandwich made me reshuffle my list of favourites. It’s a breakfast offering (though you can still buy it after breakfast provided they still have it) and you can pair it with a tall-sized Coffee/Tea for just $6.90. On this occasion I had it with their Orange Blossom Tea which is another one of my favourite orders because of its fragrant jasmine aroma and citrusy accents.

Not everything offered in starbucks is good though. Their egg white, mushroom and red pepper wrap is quite disgusting in my opinion. Aside from being soggy (the perils of reheating), the wrap is doughy and the lumpy (or grainy however you want to call it) eggwhites taste only of pepper. And this is coming from a person who loves egg whites and mushrooms to bits.