Strictly Pancakes

Strictly pancakes serves decent pancakes (soft and fluffy), and is a great place to chill with friends. Don’t harbour unrealistic high expectations when you go there, it’s just pancakes afterall 😉

Lemon Curd for the Nerds

Medium stack chocolate pancakes, doused in lemon custard, and accompanied with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate pancakes really hit the spot. Loved how rich and chocolatey it was. The lemon curd was too runny, I think they should call it a sauce. It wasn’t tangy enough but that’s a personal preference, I have quite a high threshold for sour stuff.

Bananas- scotched

The banana slices caramelised in rum were very delicious. But I’m still loving the chocolate pancakes (and the chocolate coma that came thereafter) more!


Blackforest is basically Lemon Curd for the Nerds+ Brandied cherries, chocolate flakes, chocolate sauce topped with icing sugar. It’s a little over-the-top in my humble opinion. Perhaps sharing would be a better idea.

Beef me up

I didn’t try this at all but this is a good option it you don’t have a sweet tooth. The beef here was nicely grilled medium-well but the friend said she ended up with a fillet that was dry and badly charred on a subsequent visit.

Unless you have a super sweet tooth and appetites like ours, I don’t think it’s possible to finish the pancakes on your own. Even if you can, I suggest sharing a few different types with friends to break the monotony.


5 thoughts on “Strictly Pancakes

  1. Regarding your comment on the Lemon Curd being more like a sauce, could that be because the chocolate pancakes was still rather warm and so the curd would be runny?

    just saying.

    • Yea, that might be a reason but I guess calling it a lemon curd kinda gave me expectations of a thick consistency instead of some liquid that seemed more like a sauce than curd. That said, I do feel a sauce is better suited for pancakes than a traditional lemon curd that has set in the fridge and thickened properly. I’m just nitpicking over semantics on my part, I liked the taste overall (:

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