The Handburger

Update: the set meal (drink plus the choice of a side) is no longer available. Now every burger you order comes with salad/fries/mushroom soup. Only tried the mushroom soup with wasn’t very creamy, though thick (how unusual!) and a little under seasoned. Had to sprinkle a generous amount of pepper (multiple times) to flavour it up. But the huge chunks of portebello were so delightful. Oh yes, there is a new addition called the V.V. burger. The patty is a deepfried mix of tofu, corn etc and it has a portebello on top. But the portebello’s smaller than my fav mushroon burger and I found the whole combi a little dry though the deep-fried patty was well-crusted and devoid of oil. Still loving my mushroom burger more than everything else 😉

I’ve been to The Handburger twice. Shared a handful of burgers with friends and they were all pretty good, though I won’t say they are worth a special trip down- with the exception of their delicious Stuffed Portobello Mushroom burger.

Now if you are vegetarian a mushroom burger on the menu in a hamburger joint is good news. Or if you are a mushroom fanatic (like me) you can start jumping for joy too.

The portobello was the size of my palm, and stuffed generously with a pureed mix of spinach, walnuts, parmesan cheese and beancurd. Tastewise, the flavours that really came through were the spinach, and parmesan, a flavour combination that went superbly well with the mild earthiness of the plump and juicy mushroom. The tangy herbed tomato sauce was the icing atop the cake; provided a nice finish to the whole ensemble.

Feel free to switch your buns for other stuff on the menu. By default it comes with the spinach and parmesan bun which was quite nice really when I tried it. Parmesan wasn’t as overwhemingly salty as I thought it would be.

Wasn’t particularly impressed by any of their appetizers. But if you really have to, pick the calamari. The friend was quite impressed with their thick-cut fries as well. Chilled tomato stuffed with cole slaw was too acidic for me (but I must say it’s pretty huge!)

Of my two visits to the seperate THB outlets, I preferred the visit to the one in Raffles City. For whatever reason my burger got a little soggy towards the end when I dined in Somerset313.

They are having a loyalty program now. Darn, if only they started this earlier. Went with a group of people during the first time round which would have earned enough points for a free meal during the second visit!