I’ve been to Sogurt a few times. The froyo’s better than frolick, but not worth a special trip down for it. You’ll be better off with Yami Yogurt (I like the one in plaza sing in particular) or Yoguru (my favourite!).

But if you really find yourself in Sogurt wondering what to do and what you should get, here are some suggestions.

1. DON’T fill the cup to the brim if you don’t want your eyes to pop out at the counter. At half full (and I’m only talking about the smaller cup not the huge one) it’ll cost you around $4 trust me.

2. The flavours all taste artificial to me (they probably are) but i would say peach+mango is the best (that’s the yellow one you see above) with lychee coming in a close second. Then again the great thing about sogurt is you can try a little bit of every flavour, so feel free to do that.

3. Pile on all the light toppings like granola to stretch that dollar. Don’t pile on all the fruit, unnecessary weight= $$.

4. Students get a discount, and that includes NUS students too! Just flash your student card

To set the record straight, sogurt’s not all that bad. But seriously, and with all due respect, it just doesn’t taste like yogurt.