Tom’s Palette- again, I know ;)

It’s been a long time since I visited TP, too long in fact.

The CNY flavours that TP came up with were pretty novel (though Haato did have an extremely curious flavour, bak kwa icecream for CNY 0.0). The above two were probably the most adventurous flavours I had ever chosen, Eight Treasure Sorbet and Luo Han Guo.

Before I begin, I must say the two textures were excellent complements. Naturally, both were incredibly smooth, demonstrating the consistency in quality for all of TP’s products. The flavours tasted exactly like what their titles suggest. But before you brush them aside during the next CNY when they are out again, do sample them first! I really liked how refreshing and cooling to the throat they both were, and as I ate they became more and more pleasant to the palette, i kid you not.

I had two cups of ice cream that day, rightly foreseeing that my next visit would be months away.

Rosemary Apple has become one of my favourite flavours (alongside chesnut brandy, white choc and cranberries, logan red date and pumpkin & wintermelon)- fruity and refreshing, a perfect dessert ending to any heavy meal. The Pineapple tart icecream had buttery pieces of pineapple tart pastry and fibrous chunks of the pineapple filling embedded inside. I did like the pastry bits but didn’t fancy the pineapple filling as much which came across as a little too sour. But I think it’s just me because I know of others who enjoyed it tremendously 😉