Tokyo Pinks

Update: Our prayers are with all those affected by the recent spate of events that happened in Japan. May the Lord protect all of you.

I love pink. Really. Especially pale pink.

Strolling along Meguro (目黒区) River

Munching on mini sakura red bean buns bought from a roadside stall. The preserved sakura buds taste like our preserved sour plums.

Ueno Koen (上野公園)- flooded with people which is not surprising considering it’s one of the largest hanami spots in tokyo

Hot Sake and a Grilled corn cob for the parents. I had soft serve ice cream despite the cold, heh.

Shinjuku Gyoen (新宿御苑)- beautiful watercolors, talented artists

Flaming Pink- one of the less common varieties we saw in the park

Chidorigafuchi was next to a university. We actually followed the crowd and walked into the school only to find ourselves in the midst of some school orientation. Whoops.

As usual, fastidious packaging

Went to Tsukiji Market at 5+am to witness the Tuna Auctions and see all the fresh catches

More fresh seafood…

A hearty sushi breakfast in Sushi Zenmai. It’s amazing how a simple little ball of vinegared rice can be memorable. The raw otoro was fresh, of course but it was the vinegared rice that made this nigiri truly perfect

I finally submitted my assignment, just 5 minutes before the deadline at 11pm! At least now I can sleep and eat in peace 😀

The sakura season’s coming real soon but there’s no chance that I’ll be heading down to see it all this year. These photos were taken during the last sakura season in April. We walked as far as our feet could bring us, covering as many hanami hot-spots as we could during our short 4-day break.

Sigh, don’t you love all the different shades of pink?