Matcha Baumkuchen

Mum just flew back from tokyo and she brought back a truckload of snacks for me (yay!). What caught my eye, first and foremost, were the two Baumkuchens she hand-carried.

There was a long queue to buy this apparently, at the Daimaru Basement in Tokyo. I always thought Baumkuchens would taste exactly like our kueh lapis and I was right, well almost.

The original did taste a lot like kueh lapis. Soft though a little dense, buttery but with a little bit of honeyed sweetness to it.

Matcha Baumkuchen

It was the Matcha flavoured Baumkuchen made me a total convert. Soft and feathery light, this did not come across overtly buttery and had the grassiness of green tea lingering on the palate for awhile.

I’ve never come across a butter cake as light as this, no wonder the japanese are so crazy over it!


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