Homemade Soy and Flower Honey Ice cream

I had leftover french cream in the fridge that I very badly wanted to use. To do justice to such good quality cream I decided to challenge myself with Tartlette’s honey lavender ice cream which I scaled down and modified for my use. The recipe uses honey as the white sugar substitute lending a very pleasant musky scent to the ice cream. I replaced milk with soy milk simply because I had no milk at hand. You can distinctly taste the soy so switch to milk if it does not appeal to you.

Ice cream recipes have always daunted me because of my first failed attempt (heh). Achieving that smooth texture is difficult without an ice-cream maker that does all the churning for you! But I think I’ve found a fool-proof method though it requires a bit more work and makes only small batches each time ( well, less is more 😛).

Soy and Flower Honey Ice cream

makes a small tub of ice cream just enough for 2 to share, scale up for your preference

Ingredients: 1 egg yolk, 1 tiny pinch of salt, 90ml cream, 90ml soy milk, 1/8 cup flower honey (try to use a less viscous version)

1. Beat the egg yolk and honey together till you get a nice pale yellow mixture (I did it manually with a hand whisk)

2. Heat the cream, milk and salt together over high heat in a pot/pan till it starts bubbling a little (bare boil). Switch down to low heat

3. Pour the milk and cream mixture over the egg mixture slowly, whisking furiously as you go (do this slowly or get someone to help you. You don’t want bits of cooked egg in your ice cream! never mind if you get some froth)

4. pour the whole mixture back into the the pot/pan and continue cooking until the mixture coats the back of your spoon.

5. Transfer into a ziplock bag and bury it in a huge bowl of ice with salt sprinkled inside

6. Once the mixture has cooled down, transfer the whole thing into the freezer and wait for 2 hours

7. Take out from freezer and crush the ziplock to break all the ice crystals in the ice cream, then put back into the freezer

8. Repeat the process at least one more time. The more you repeat, the smoother your ice cream gets!

9. Transfer to a metal container/tub

A little more work but hey, it’s still good ice cream 😀


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