Macarons from Jean- Philippe Darcis @ MBS

When I mentioned Darcis to the friend working in Marina Bay Sands, the first thing she said was “I love their paper bag”.

A hot pink paper bag- what’s not to like? The macarons are not cheap, 5 for $15 but according to dad, the salesgirl said they were imported from Belgium.

If you like your macarons chewy, I daresay you will enjoy this a lot. The shells itself are very meaty and flavour-wise, they were all very pronounced.

Pistache left a very deep impression; in fact the flavour was so strong that I wondered momentarily if it was stronger that the one I had from Pierre Herme. But of course, I need to do a side by side comparison if I really wanted to find out!

This would have got to be the favourite of the lot ^^

I still prefer macarons that are more tender and less chewy. That said, I really loved how impressionable all the flavours were despite being conventional ones like strawberry, hazelnut, raspberry and pistachio.

The parents also got me a verrine because it was on half price ($4.50) that night. I wasn’t very impressed but having milk chocolate mousse paired with tart mango coulis for supper is always a joy. Don’t we all love the occasional indulgent treat?


2 thoughts on “Macarons from Jean- Philippe Darcis @ MBS

  1. I was there a few days ago! 🙂 didn’t get the macarons cuz PH has spoilt me for all others haha. From your description, I’ll probably not like them anyway since I like the shell light and not chewy.

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