Papa Palheta- our favourite coffee hangout

The friend introduced me to this quaint little coffee spot tucked away in Hooper Road called Papa Palheta. It’s a favourite spot for coffee amongst students in our school because it’s a pretty short drive there and the price is much cheaper here vis-a-vis starbucks. According to the friend, it used to be a hidden gem but now it has gained so much popularity that it’s no longer a secret hangout anymore!

The baristas are well versed in the types of coffees they carry and you can expect them to rattle on passionately about all the beans they have and what you can expect from your drink.

During my first visit, I was extremely impressed by my cuppaccino because of the delicious frothy steamed milk, full-bodied bitter flavour of the espresso mellowed down by creamy hot milk and the pretty coffee art adorning the surface of my drink.

I don’t usually take coffee unless I really feel like I need an adrenaline boost but I decided to give a go with coffee made with beans from Costa Rica. To me it was a little acidic with a bit of a fruity flavour to it. Pleasant and unique (much like single origin chocolate, you have to appreciate the taste of different beans I guess) but I’ll opt for the a latte or cuppaccino over coffee black anytime!

The most interesting thing about this place is you pay whatever amount you think your drink is worth- there is no fixed price, nor is there anyone who will collect money from you. The guideline here is $3.50, which you put into the little baskets placed around the premises. Incidentally, I was reading Freakonomics while I was there. The book was examining a case study on this sort of business concept just that it involved bagels!

Please please don’t leave without paying! Specialty coffee at such a reasonable price is so difficult to come by and I’m sure we want this business keep on flourishing, no?


8 thoughts on “Papa Palheta- our favourite coffee hangout

  1. i passed by hooper road ystd otw to little india to harborfront to vivo just to drop off my citibank application =/ the point was, i told my friend about this place, and then i rmbd that we havent been there tgt yet!

  2. They no longer serve coffee? I was there just before CNY and they were serving coffee!
    Ahh. I do love their coffee! I brought a pack of beans to Australia LOL! Not that I really needed to, but oh well!

  3. my senior told me they still sell the beans but not the drinks anymore, plus the seating area is gone.

    I guess I’ll have to check it out for myself.

    hahaha, you brought it all the way there?! enjoy yourself in australia 😀

  4. I don’t comment on other blogs frequently but I had to say this here – many good businesses that do things under the radar frequently get their cover blown by enthusiastic food journalists or bloggers that rave about it, and once the authorities find out, the entire set up is over. PP’s Hooper Rd business probably had a Shop license, but not a Restaurant/Cafe one, ie. they were permitted to sell things but not to feed people on the premises. The rationale is usually due to a lack of parking and complaints from residents nearby.

    • That’s what I thought at first when I first got to know them but they were still operating even after a few mentions on the papers. In any case, I’m glad they still have a cafe in Kallang (:

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