Casa Tartufo

Casa Tartufo was featured not once but twice in the Life! Section on Sunday. One of the reviews was written by the very talented food writer Wong Ah Yoke and he seemed mighty pleased with his meal. The concept of the restaurant was actually enough to intrigue me but reading about it made me even more excited about having a meal there.

I was all psyched up to have truffles all the way for appetizers, main course to desserts. Needless to say I adore that mushroomy, woody aroma that truffles have and I was prepared to be blown away by its fragrance!

A small bread basket of warm baguettes served with piped bayleaf butter

The chilly weather seemed to have chased everyone away because we were the only family there for lunch that sunday. Thankfully, service was unintrusive yet very helpful when the time came. Ash, our waiter was knowledgeable about the dishes, giving us detailed descriptions of what to expect. Impeccable service no less from a fine dining restuarant!

Scrambled eggs, Morel Mushrooms and Creamy Truffle sauce

The scrambled eggs were done perfectly- soft and creamy but not over-the-top-rich. The truffle sauce gave it the luxe factor and why not add some wild morel mushroom heads for good measure? We made mini open-faced sandwiches of sorts with the baguette, bay leaf butter, scrambled eggs, lettuce and topped it off with some of the crispy-thin wafer that came with the scrambled eggs. Mushroomy goodness in every bite. It was clearly the best dish of all that we had.

French Onion Soup

The French Onion soup was uninspiring. I was expecting a piping hot soup in a bowl with baguette and melted cheese covering the top soaking up the soup but this came lukewarm and overly salted.

Day’s Special: Aglio olio with vegetables and some type of cheese

It was decent well executed aglio olio but nothing particularly mind-blowing. Well the name of the dish didn’t sound exceptionally interesting anyway, don’t know why dad chose it.

Capellini Aglio Oilio, Zuchinni, Red Sicilian Prawn

You can actually choose to have your prawn raw here, but mum opted otherwise. The sauce seemed to be some reddish prawn broth and it was evident that mum enjoyed slurping up her pasta. She finished up her mains first in fact!

Classic Tajarin With truffle sauce

The pasta was done al dente, and I especially liked the tajarin pasta which was thinner than tagliatelle. Because it’s crumpled, it managed to retain just a little bit of the creamy truffle sauce in its creases- delicious. Unfortunately the pasta came a tad dry possibly because it was cooked before the rest but served at the same time. When i first twirled my fork the pasta was in a lumpy mess and required quite a bit of mixing to loosen everything up.

Truffle Tiramisu

I was expecting more truffle oomph here but the fragrance was tamed down to the bare minimum, for the better I guess. Instead of espresso soaked cakey savoiardi biscuits a crunchy version with the texture of wafers were used. I’m not very sure if I like the switch but I definitely enjoyed the luscious mascarpone cream.

True to the spirit of fine dining, portions here are small and not very filling. Mum felt that the food was not worth the buck but I beg to differ simply because having truffles for every course is too good an opportunity to be missed. Service was probably one of the better ones I’ve encountered too. Enough reasons for a visit I say!


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