My favourite cake in Kki would definitely be kinabaru but it wasn’t available that day.

This round, I decided to go with Emily but I must say I was a tiny bit disappointed.

Well, firstly it came collapsed- not a good start

The mousse was too plain, it tasted like… cream and sugar. It was missing a flavour profile and the lack of coconut milk just makes the mousse so much less silky!

But then again, the strawberry gelee had a pleasant sweetish and sourish twang to it. Love the contrast of bouncy jelly and soft mousse too. The champagne was very light or so I thought. I don’t take alcohol so unfortunately I can’t differentiate the taste of champagne!

Now the base of the cake, coconut dacquoise was alright. A tad dry but the fragrance of ground almonds and dessicated coconut was unmistakable. It doesn’t matter anyway because it’s meant to be eaten with the mousse.

The friend was pretty thrilled by Antoinette. He loves white chocolate so the white chocolate mousse was quite a hit for him! And just when things calmed down a bit he discovered the mango surprise, hahaha.

Previously I bought their sables when I visited the place with Jer Lin. They weren’t sweet enough for me but texture-wise it was crumbly, rough on the edges and not too buttery- perfect with some tea or even better, a cappucino. The ones I make tend to be softer, probably because I roll them into bigger rounds, use more butter and use a shorter baking time? (french butter is always good anyway ;))

They are all individually packed to maintain freshness, very thoughtful indeed.

Another place to consider for cakes is of course Flor, which I actually prefer but they serve a very different genre of cakes afterall. If you don’t like mousse cakes, give kki a shot and you might just change your mind 😉