Heart Bistro set lunch

If I had to name the most underrated restaurant for the year 2010, I would say Heart Bistro. The place was shockingly empty or close to empty during both my visits.

The best friends and I went Heart Bistro for a nice chi-chi lunch that did not hurt the pockets at all ( thanks to mum’s discount vouchers :D) on christmas eve. We have grown much closer after uni even though we are scattered between ntu and nus.

I like the concept of Heart Bistro. In short it’s good food that is good for the health ( with exceptions for dessert), an idea that I’m sure is very appealing to most girls!

I can’t remember the exact names and stuff because we were rattling off so fast in our conversations that I concentrated more on talking than eating…. till desserts came.

The best friend and I love mushrooms so she got really excited about the shimeji mushrooms below the fish and not the fish itself at first. She later commented that she really liked how light and sophisticated the whole dish was.

The other bestie enjoyed her soba too. She didn’t have much to say as she was too busy slurping up everything. We like anything remotely japanese 😉

My red snapper was panfried to perfection. Moist, tender flesh with the nuanced sweetness and a well seasoned crispy skin that would send fish skin lovers to heaven. Can’t remember what the sauce was but I remember wiping up every bit of it despite the fact that my fish was tasty enough au naturale. The bed of shimeji mushrooms, cherry tomatos, olives and cauliflower got me grinning from ear to ear too because they are all my favs.

But what really got us talking were the desserts from our set lunch menu. They are all petite and the restaurant tried to make them as healthy as possible ( which is a futile attempt really).

I think Heart Bistro serves a meaner sticky date pudding as compared to marmalade pantry. This dessert certainly made my sweet tooth happy. Just think of creamy ice cream topped with crushed toasted almonds, hot caramel drizzled below and warm and moist cake with tiny chunks of dates. Not so good for the heart I guess but extremely good if you are in need of some sugar therapy.

The yoghurt brownie was the smallest portion but it received quite a bit of attention from us as the smooth ice cream ( if I’m not wrong it was honey) was a perfect complement to the warm and light brownie. It’s not chocolatey like those from ben and jerry’s (which can get very gelat) but lighter as yoghurt was used.

I still remember the laugh we had over this order because the menu said ‘nice cake’. The word ‘nice’ does not seem to provide much useful info about the dessert does it? Upon inquiry, the waitress listed the cakes they had and I immediately settled on carrot cake.

The dainty little rectangle came with a tiny little sugar heart perched in one corner. After oohing and aahing over how adorable the heart was ( girls!) we tucked in. I love how generous they were with the shredded carrot, a point which I think cedele can learn from. They also have raisins inside the batter unlike cedele, where they use only shredded carrots and black (?) walnuts. However their cream cheese frosting pales in comparison to cedele’s. It’s definitely made with white sugar, while I think cedele adds a portion of maple syrup to lend that warmth and sweet but not saccharine sweet taste.

The set lunch comes with tea and they have quite a few to choose from. Again, we were fascinated over the heart-shaped tea cups and the rose patterns. I love how girly this place is!

In all very satisfying and not too expensive either. It was $30++ if I’m not mistaken ( their website is outdated).