Valentino- Perla really outdid herself this time

My family likes to frequent a couple of restaurants and Valentino is one of them. We know some staff there, just like in Raku, making the whole experience a whole lot more homey and relaxed.

The usual bread roll was replaced with this- not that I’m complaining though. Simple fluffy bread served hot off the oven with a side of herbed olive oil. Nice to nibble on that’s for sure.

The Antipasti platter to start the meal was simple, unpretentious Italian fare. The tiny sweet onions and olives were simply more-ish and the sourish artichoke hearts were delicious in their own unique way.

All of us were in the mood for pasta cooked the traditional way.

I’m definitely ordering this the next round. Dad’s vongole looked pretty and according to him was really tasty. The waiter also thoughtfully gave him a bowl to throw all the clam shells in.

We told Abdul that the last time we came, the Oglio Olio was dry and underseasoned. He assured us that he would inform the chef about it and thankfully this time the dish was well executed.

Squid Ink pasta is not a good dish to order when you are with people other than your family because it makes your smile… black. The lack of ingredients to this simple dish didn’t stop me from slurping up every single strand of spaghetti! Every strand was well marinated with the squid ink that had a tinge of saltiness of the sea. I prefer this to the versions that infuse squid ink into the pasta dough itself as the seafood taste of the squid ink is more apparent. However, it does leave you with a freakish smile and it stains everything like the beautiful pink tablecloth used in Valentino :X

I’ve eaten Perla’s desserts a countless number of times, and I’ve tried almost everything. The more memorable experience was the chocolate salami with ice cream but the lemon meringue tart was just calling my name from the dessert trolley.

Meringue was sweet and fluffy with all the air bubbles incorporated into it. This was juxtaposed with the sour lemon curd that tingled every tastebud. Lastly the soft buttery crust bound all the flavours together to produce a very pleasing result- a simple dessert well done. Presentation was also perfect from the even layer of lemon curd to the fastidious manner in which the meringue was carefully piped. But if I were to nitpick the waiters didn’t do a very good job of dripping the strawberry coulis into perfect circles!

Everything on the menu is reasonably priced in my opinion. Don’t order anything that they recommend that is not on the menu if you are on a budget. However,  if you do not have a budget, go right ahead. The quality of ingredients used and the excellent cooking technique makes it worth every cent.