Missing Italy- it has been 3 years

I made a wish at the Trevi Fountain to return to Rome one day. I’m still waiting for it to come true!

Out of all my travels I think my favourite countries are France for her macarons and pastry chef inspirations like Pierre Herme (!), Italy for her amazing architecture and chic citizens who all dress so well especially in Milan and Japan because of her culinary delights and hospitable people.

3 years ago we travelled with Tradewinds and were mighty pleased by the entire arrangement. It’s not too hectic, perfect for lazy travellers like us and it did buy us some time from the insanely long queues at Vatican City. The only grouse would be the lousy food that we had to bear with. We were brought to chinese restaurants at least 3 times I remember! Thankfully there were enough free and easy meals to satisfy our tastebuds.

Capri Island is famous for its majastic cliffs and thundering waves, but I was also attracted by the adorable colors that the apartments are painted with. I love this faded look caused by the elements over time.

If you are in Italy you must climb up the stairs of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, never mind the price tag of a single ticket to do so! It’s a really scary interesting experience to scale up this tilted building. I was clutching on the rails for my dear life because it really felt as if I was going to slide off the building! Mum didn’t even dare to go to the topmost level xD

My favourite part of Italy would be Siena, a city in Tuscany. The vast sloping Piazza Del Campo hosts the Palio di Siena, a traditional medieval horse race, every year. The interesting thing is there are boundaries and districts within the city such that each resident belongs to a ward/contrada. They compete with each other during this annual horse race to vie for the honor of a painted banner. Our tour guide was a bubbly lady wearing sandals ( when it was so cold!) who could not stop rattling off passionately about her own contrada and how they were going to win that coveted banner some day. Her laughter and enthusiasm were infectious.

If I ever ever have the chance, I would love to stay here for a month or two 😀 It’s a lovely mix of city and country-side living in my opinion.

And who can forget Venice? I didn’t particlarly enjoy Venice though, it seems more like an over-hyped tourist spot to me. That said I would like to spend more time there. Watched 1000 places to go before you die on TLC and the duo’s experience seemed much more interesting than mine!