Awfully Chocolate Truffles

Dad and I were craving for a sweet ending for the weekend, a mini celebratory note to herald the start of the holidays. Mum was unfortunately busy so there wasn’t time to eat out for dinner. Instead we settled for supper in Ion after admiring the beautiful lights along orchard road. Before we left I caught sight of the pile of truffles sitting on the display counter of Awfully Chocolate. Decided to grab some out of curiosity.

There are two varieties, kahlua- infused (background) and plain dark (foreground) truffles.

Out of the two I preferred the kahlua flavoured one. It’s definitely a little sweeter (i’m not complaining) because of the liqueur. I tend to like chocolate infused with stuff – not entirely a purist I realise! The bitterness does not linger as much as compared to the plain dark truffle. Dad favoured  the plain dark because of the unadulterated distinct bitterness. Not strong enough for hardcore dark chocolate lovers but definitely enough for those like us who sit on the fence between dark and milk chocolate.

Chocolate was not as fresh I would have liked them to be but enough to satiate the craving (:


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