tongue-numbing spicy popiah

Nando’s prides themselves for their peri-peri sauce- it’s spicy, they say.

I say- you haven’t tried our chilli padi yet! Peri-peri sauce is nothing I tell you as compared to this spicy little thing.

It’s amazing how much junk i can stomach while I study. So this makes for a light lunch (with cedele cake of course!). Popiah from bukit timah market ( grandma says it’s next to the stall selling soya bean).

A little soggy after the trip home but still flavourful with that tinge of sweetness from filling. The one with chilli was well, tongue-numbing to say the least. And look at how few flakes of chilli it took to drive me up the wall?! I’m embarressed. (note: my tolerance isnt that high in the first place. But for the record, extra-hot peri peri sauce did not have its prescribed effect on me)