More freshly baked goodies!- Simply Bread, Sun Moulin and Petit Provence

Two friends were waxing lyrical about the Milk Pan from Petit Provence. When I had the opportunity to visit their establishment in Holland V, I simply had to get one in addition to the numerous An pans I piled on my tray. Light and pillowy bun with a thick milk curd filling within. It came across a little dry as the filling inside is a curd,not the usual moist paste you get from other sweet buns. Nonetheless, the milkiness of the curd was distinct- no wonder the friends love it!

They have sandwich sets at a sitting area in Petit Provence@ Holland V. Egg Mayo is a run-of-the-mill combination but it was excuted well here. The mayo they use is sweeter and less sourish ( the japanese type) and the white bread was delectably soft.

Not the average sweet potato bun, Sun Moulin @ Isetan Scotts offered a seasonal creation- Purple Sweet potato bun ($3). More pricey than usual but no surprises here since purple japanese sweet potatoes are not available everyday! I still prefer Mirabelle’s because it’s less sweet but here they still add less sugar than those at regular bakeries. Soft and moist sweet potato filling with the earthiness of the delicious root vegetable. And yes, it does taste different from the normal sweet potato filling.

Had the Sticky Bun from Simply Bread as a tea-time snack one day. Fragrant cinnamon added into not only the delicious bun itself but also the sticky glaze that gives this bun it’s name! The bun is so chewy, it might leave you lost for words (pun intended :P)

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