Bosses @ Vivocity

You would have probably figured by now that I love dimsum. They never take too long to serve plus there is always such a long list of choices to choose from. Bosses, was no different. A long list of dishes to choose from with some very weird names- dinosaur roll anyone? Though it’s ambience is less posh as compared to Taste Paradise, Lei Gardens and Crystal Jade Paragon, their dim sum still delivers close to full marks in terms of taste.

We got a window overlooking the sea, beautiful.

Crispy fried fish skin was provided to nibble on while we made our choices. Too heavily salted but the crispiness made it irresistable.

These Xiao Long Baos are a must-order! Plump and brimming with tasty soup, surely these must be the best XLBs in Singapore?! So much better than those at Din Tai Fung.

Dinosaur Rice Rolls were another surprisingly delicious find. Chunky slices of raddish which absorbed all the tasty stock that it was simmered in wrapped round paper-thin bean curd skin which was again wrapped with rice rolls. A very innovative dish that we all enjoyed.

The dainty little charsiew buns came served on a plate. Just when we thought they were the plain ol’ charsiew baos we get in every other restuarant, Bosses surprised us yet again.

Pan-fried to give a crispy bottom layer, these little morsels definitely edged out from its counterparts by providing an additional texture to the dish. The bun itself could have been fluffier and softer though.

We were a little disappointed with the Carrot cake. The ultra-thin layer of omelette was unnecessary in my opinion, same goes for frying the carrot cake instead of steaming it. The carrot cake itself was soft with bits of radish inside. But why bother frying it when steaming it would have kept it even more lovely and moist inside?

The usual suspect of steamed spareribs came piping hot in aluminium foil. Tender with ultra-crunchy bits of cartilage, the ribs itself were goood. But even better were the thick strands of tang hoon (glass noodles) which soaked up all the meaty juices of the spare ribs. Dad and I loved this!

Arguably one of my favourite dishes, the eel shumai was awesome to say the least! Firm flesh of eel marinated with teriyaki sauce that’s not overly sweet- not too fatty and bouncy, good quality eel i say. It sat atop a small ball of fragrant glutinous rice that complemented it perfectly.

The Crab Vermicelli was apportioned into three for us ( we ordered the smallest portion). The noodles itself were too heavily coated with the sweet and savoury sauce, but the crab was excellent. It came with its sinful roe that the parents tried oh-so-hard to restrain themselves from eating but to no avail.

Desserts unfortunately, were when things started going downhill.

It’s soft skin seemed promising at first but bits of uncooked dough inside, a phenomenon that i only experienced once in a certain hawker centre threw me off straightaway. Sacrilege!

Handmade mochi skin, possibly the thinnest and softest mochi skin I have ever tasted. But why the whipped cream in the durian mochi? A tiny bit of durian pulp which was wholly disproportionate to the whipped cream from a can. Sacrilege, AGAIN.

Dim sum was a pleasant experience with the therapeutic scenery of water and sentosa at the distance. But desserts failed miserably, tarnishing the otherwise very wonderful meal.