Chendol with a twist- Mei Hong Yuen@ Ion

A sunday lunch was simply incomplete without a sugary sweet note. Soft shavings of iced-up coconut milk, accompanied by the familiar condiments in chendol. And to top off the towering mountain of snowice, a squeeze of gula melaka syrup by the shopkeeper. A full bottle of syrup is provided for those with the exceptional sweet tooth.

Dad and I tried our very best to resist the temptation to add more syrup, but it was futile. Subsequent additions of gula melaka caused mum to almost fall off her chair. But seriously, you need enough syrup to fully enjoy the combination of nuanced coconut flavour and the unrefined taste of palm sugar.

On a side note, I have apparently maxed the amount of free space that wordpress is willing to give me. Any suggestions as to how to circumvent this? Ignorant me never knew this was even possible…