Cedele- sandwiches, ice cream, cake

Decided to have lunch on my own in a bid to escape from school. All the friends wanted to mug before our dinner at night- not sure if they succeeded though, how is mugging possible on a friday? Haha

The week was exhausting no surprises there so eating at the cedele cafe in Raffles City was a much needed respite. The grilled tofu burger is just one of the lovely vegetarian options available. Well seasoned (I would prefer a lighter hand over the sodium) patty of tofu and herbs plus my all time favorite pumpkin bread studded with sunflower seeds and crunchy veg made me happy, very happy.

It looks like a burger but it most certainly is not a burger.

Couldn’t get the beetroot sandwich out of my head so I headed down to the wheelock branch the next day. This place is my favourite branch because it’s less crowded and the staff don’t come breathing down your neck while you lounge there with your book and coffee. Catching their attention on a weekend might be tough but if you want to be undisturbed like me, that’s perfect.

The beetroot patty here tastes so much better than the one in the cafe of raffles city. Me thinks it is probably because they microwave their ingredients at the cafe thus the patty turns out dry and less moist. Of course, you pay a premium here ($11.80 instead of $7.80) but I think I made up for it with the extra time I sat there.

For those apprehensive about the combination of beetroot and avocado, fear not! The beetroot patty tastes like one made of good quality russet potatoes, powdery and a little fibrous at some parts. Creamy avocado slices though tasteless add a good dimension to the drier counterpart and they add a few drops of chilli jam and ketchup. Actually, it comes with mayo too but I’m never a fan of this sourish creamy condiment so I requested for it to be omitted.

Some of their cloud 9 ice creams ($3.50) are also serious contenders on my list of favourite ice-creams in Singapore. The cream here is richer than the one at Tom’s palette in my humble opinion. I love both versions so it’s not a matter of comparison!

Texture wise definitely less smooth than Tom’s though. My favourite flavour by far would have to be fig and earl grey. Love the muskiness of the earl grey and the occasional stud of fig adds the extra rush of sweetness to that spoonful.

And can you believe the ice cream is eggless?

The grandma was celebrating her birthday at night so I bought the beetroot cake on display. Was hoping to get blueberry maple but as fate has it, blueberry maple is NEVER available when I really want it.

Had this previously but in my memory it was a little dry and the tastes were not robust to my liking.

The usual signature carrot cake recipe was altered to include shreds of beetroot instead and they added less sugar for the cream cheese frosting(insufficient for my standards). Nonetheless, the cake itself was moist and fluffy and the crushed macadamias at the side were a pleasant change to the usual walnuts on the carrot cake. The adults obviously favoured it more than the kids because it was less sweet- I sit in between 😀

Cedele just started a membership card, find out about details here. I want to sign up but there is a clause in there that irks me:

‘ 5. Managment reserves the right to amend any terms & conditions or cease loyalty programme without prior notice’

It isn’t very consumer friendly is it?

4 thoughts on “Cedele- sandwiches, ice cream, cake

  1. I have to agree Cedele’s Cloud 9 ice creams are good & is one of the better ice creams around, better than most of the other ice cream parlors even. The other worthy ones are those from Canele. Eggless yes but only which means artificial emulsifiers & stabilizers are added. Tom’s does not add artificial emulsifiers & stabilizers to their ice creams. They use egg yolks as natural emulsifying agent, coupled with an excellent texture, these are what real good ice creams are all about.

    • Nah, I don’t dare to even claim that title yet. Only a few months in law school so far!

      But yea, just studied exemption clauses. Couldn’t help reading it when the manager gave the form to me xD

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