Bad pancakes :( – Hatched

Hatched Pancake party (3 for $10, 2 for $8)

Despite rave reviews, I was really disappointed with what I got.

Thick and fluffy pancakes came after a long wait. I was starving, all ready to dig into the massive stack of pancakes in front of me.

Unfortunately it was too starchy and very heavy, leaving me tired of the taste after a few bites. It would have been an impossible task to finish even 1 if not for the shot of maple syrup and sabayon cream, the saving graces that allowed me to conquer 2. Thank goodness for the friend who took 1 away from me.

Lest you think it was purely my subjective opinion, 11 people agreed with me(I know it is still a small sample size risky of hasty generalisation but this makes the argument slightly more convincing no? haha). I reckon it would have been better if the pancakes were half their thickness ( the friend unmercifully called it a sponge), and more sabayon cream was given. The sabayon cream tasted like warm frothy melted ice cream, a much better alternative to maple syrup because it doesn’t leave you sick in the tummy.

Price was good of course, $9 ( with NUS discount) for 3? that’s a steal! But maybe if it were thinner and more generous on the sabayon cream, I would have enjoyed my experience 10 times more.