Jumping onto the bandwagon: I’ve finally tried Tom’s Palette!

After my last lesson on friday, i was determined to get a taste of Tom’s Palette after receiving numerous recommendations from Jerlin.

It took a lot of effort to resist desserts after lunch in cedele, they had blueberry maple that day!

I took a little while to navigate around in shaw leisure gallery, because this place changed so much. There used to be a cinema there and subway, now replaced by starbucks and other shops. Tom’s Palette is tucked all the way at the back of the first floor, #01-25.

The ice cream here is certainly not overrated, the other bloggers were not joking when they waxed lyrical about its incredible texture. It’s smooth, as though it has been churned umpteen times to the point of making the possibility of tasting a single ice crytal almost negligible. And need I go on about the flavours? You might as well do the honors of finding out about them yourself here

I had logan red date (the brownish one) and lychee rose.

Logan red date was potent stuff, overpowering the lychee rose. Strong and distinct flavours of each ingredient but yet they complement each other so well. Lychee rose could have done better with more of the rose element but from what I learnt from Jerlin, they use lychee tea(?) and infuse rose into it. SO I gather that the lychee is supposed to take centre stage and rose, just the supporting role to accentuate it. No complaints about this BUT I am biased because I love the smell of floral flavours.

Now if only I didn’t impose as a personal policy that I would limit my sugar intake because 1 cup is simply insufficient! The cup felt tiny in my hands and I wanted so badly to get more but the concience was getting on me after bursting the sugar quota for the day in the morning (truffles, who can resist truffles in the morning?). I believe the ice cream was too good so much so it felt too little, haha.

And again, no complaints about the price of $2.80. Artisan ice cream that beats those sold in restaurants selling at less than half their prices, who can complain?

Now if only NUS would do the kind favour of sending a contract to Tom’s Palette so that I can secure my 10% discount (I know I’m being petty about 28 cents but still!).

Big thanks to Jerlin for the recommendation 😀


7 thoughts on “Jumping onto the bandwagon: I’ve finally tried Tom’s Palette!

  1. you’re welcome:) i’m not sure whether they use lychee tea for the lychee rose, but it’s taste really reminds me of the drink! someone asked the shopkeepers why students from her sch (ngee ann poly) weren’t entitled to a discount, and they replied that some schools did not reply to their offer, maybe that’s why nus students don’t get a discount.

  2. Nope. I can’t divulge their recipe here but they are not using lychee tea for lychee rose. Rose is an infusion meant to be just a supporting role & not to overpower the lychee. Tom’s lychee rose is not supposed to be like Canele’s rose petal ice cream. Canele uses rosewater which is of coz alot stronger. They are totally different.

  3. Get the medium cup next time! I usually do that if I see my favourite ice-cream flavour there. haha. I really like their longan red dates. All thanks to ice’s recommendation. You should try salted caramel too!

  4. stargirl: Hehe, they said they are still waiting for NUS to send them a contract. I’m going to make a trip back to buy granny’s favourite. I think there was something wrong with my eyes, they focused on lychee rose and logan red date, nothing else! Only when I left did I realize i didn’t look at the other half of the selection on the right, hahaha.

    Ice: Yea, i kind of figured they didn’t mean for the rose flavour to come so strongly. I love the smell of rosewater! When i used it for baking I could not resist adding a few more drops than necessary xD Hopefully they will consider making a rose flavoured one with lychee bits one day 😀

    Daniel: wow, i’m totally out of touch with everything else that happens at kent ridge, i didn’t even know there was a gourmet club!

    Bella V: yes i have learnt my lesson! haha. I’m not so much into salty flavoured stuff 😛 sampled their salty yuzu, loved the citrusy sharpness but I couldnt appreciate the saltiness. But all the other flavours like granny’s favourite look awesome, definitely deserves a return soon

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