Mirabelle Patisserie- best sweet potato bun!

Update 06/07/2011: This place is closed 😦

I’ve been wanting to visit this place for the longest time after reading all the promising reviews about it. My plans were always been botched by the horrid weather but finally, it did not rain today after my volunteer work at sub courts!

The sweet potato bun ($1.40) caught my attention as I was looking though my options. Sweet potatoes are one of my favourite root vegetables so after much deliberation (because all the other options looked so good!), I decided to go ahead to get this bun.

This little pucker was the heaviest of the lot- a good sign because it probably meant that there was a lot of fillings inside. Boy was I not disappointed one bit. The soft bun encased a sweet potato filling that was so moist and so smooth, definitely by far the best I have ever tasted! Usually neighbourhood bakeries add tons of sugar giving the sweet potato paste an artificial taste. Here, minimal amount of sugar was added hence the natural sweetness of the root vegetable was not masked at all. To make it a little sweeter to tease the tastebuds, the baker thoughtfully brushed some syrup on top and added a dash of cinnamon so that you can smell the enticing fragrance as you lift up the cover in the shop.

What attracted me here in the first place were the charcoal buns that they offered.

The texture of the charcoal bread was much coarser and drier as compared to its counterparts which have milk powder added instead. The curd-like custard filling failed to win me over not only because it was dry but also because it was not spread evenly inside (The other half of the bun sitting underneath had no filling at all).

The Anpan ($2, same for both) on the other hand was a winner because of the generous amount of adzuki filling slathered evenly within.

Three delicious buns later the verdict was clear: I’ll be lunching on Mirabelle’s baked creations again next week so long as the weather permits!


4 thoughts on “Mirabelle Patisserie- best sweet potato bun!

  1. strange, their bamboo charcoal buns were soft and moist the last time i had them. but then again, my last visit to mirabelle was quite a long time ago. you gotta try mirabelle’s crossaints, they’re the best crossaints you can get locally!

    btw, tom’s palette has longan red date tomorrow (:

    • Maybe it was left outside for too long. You can see how dry they were from my photos!

      I was hoping to try their almond frangipane croissants that day but they were only left with butter croissants. Not so much a fan of plain versions so I decided to leave it for another day.

      Fantastic, i’ll be popping by tomorrow hopefully 😀 Can’t wait!

  2. Same here, I like the red bean more than the custard bun but find that the filling is really very little for both. Argh, I should have bought the sweet potato bun that day as well =(

    Oh yes, you’ve got to get the almond croissant! It’s superb, haha.

  3. yea i read your post on the almond croissant and I knew I had to try one- but they were out of stock that day!

    And Jerlin, I’m proud to say I have tried Tom’s Palette! Am loving logan red dates 😀 Lychee rose was nice but i still prefer canele’s because of the stronger rose flavour.

    But no other ice cream i have tried so far rivals their ice cream in terms of texture seriously. but in terms of creaminess I still prefer island creamery! haha.

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