Ice cream from Taste Matters, Udders and Island Creamery

1. Lavender ice cream with almond tuile from Taste Matters

The friend raved about it the last time we came.

‘ It’s much better than Tom’s Palette because their’s tastes too much like perfume’

I’ve never tasted Tom’s Palette before so I’m in no position to comment- please do not hold me liable to the above statement. The smell of lavender was mild, too mild in fact. The ice cream itself was decently creamy and delicious, but for two small scoops at that price ($6-7?) I would much rather head down to Island Creamery. Plus, I sat on the floor to enjoy my ice cream- not fun

2. VaMilla- Udders at Westmall

Almonds are my favourite type of nuts because of their characteristic fragrance. While I enjoyed munching on the almond and marzipan chunks, the texture of their non-alcoholic flavoured ice cream is more dense than their alcoholic flavours. Ice cream should be airy and light, not hard like this.

3. Island Creamery- my all-time favourite

I love island creamery because it’s such a great place to chill-out with friends and an even more awesome place to mug (especially when the library gets too boring).

The perennial favourite would have to be Very Berry. For a person who adores fruits, scooping up a frozen raspberry or strawberry embedded in creamy icecream is such a delight. A single scoop is affordably priced at $2.80, and they usually fill the whole cup which is not very small indeed.

Another delicious flavour that does not appear every day is banana. Soft, easy to scoop ice cream with swirls of bananas will definitely soothe any stressful day.

Tom’s Palette remains on the to-go list, together with many many other ice cream parlours that are sprouting all over the island. But for now, Island Creamery remains top on my list not just for their ice cream but also because of the lovely atmosphere there.


7 thoughts on “Ice cream from Taste Matters, Udders and Island Creamery

  1. the texture of tom’s ice cream is excellent! it’s soft and very smooth cos they aim for a gelato-like texture. i don’t really like island creamery but that’s just my opinion.

    i think you’ll love tom’s palette! ❤

    • i strongly recommend the following flavors at tom’s if they’re available: pistachio!, chocolate sorbet and lychee rose. haha this sounds like an advertorial for tom’s palette, but i really like their ice cream (:

  2. Aaaah, every one keeps gushing about tom’s palette making me want to eat their ice cream too. Pity it’s so out of the way for me 😦

    I think i’m biased with island creamery because it holds so many memories for me- studying and eating ice cream with friends xD

  3. Hahaha, goodness have you tried everything? Yums, lychee rose -> ispahan!

    You are sparking my curiosity lol. But I can’t go for the time being because an overnight assignment coming up. I need to sleep and get ready for that day ><

    Hopefully i'll be able to go next saturday 😀

    • haha nope i’ve tried only 15 of their flavors (not including those i’ve only sampled). their lychee rose is unlike ispahan, it’s tastes like a very refreshing lychee tea scented with rose.

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