flying SIA Business Class

The parents acquired so many miles during their trips that they managed to upgrade my seat. When will I ever reach such a level, I have absolutely no idea.

Below is just a pictorial, because I really have no serious complaints. Nothing can be more gratifying than having satay no matter how mediocre it is, slurping on comfort food like noodle soup despite the amount of msg in it and always being under the watchful eyes of an experienced crew.

Be smart, choose chicken! The satay for the return trip was much better (:

This msg-laden noodle soup was tummy-warming. It was freezing in the plane so this was awesome.

Artisan bread is given as a side for every starter. The variety would put all restaurants in Singapore to shame.

Chicken rice- a dish all Singaporeans can identify with

A german interpretation of nasi lemak! ( we were flying from frankfurt)

Movenpick ice-cream. Didn’t like the airy whipped cream texture, but the strawberries inside was an authentic touch.

Hands-down best dessert of all. Tiramisu icecream, mild cheesy flavour of mascarpone, espresso soaked chunks of salvadori biscuits and the best thing of all- soft buttery almond tuile! Simply unforgettable

I like this photo because of the bubbles in the port xD

This opera was a much better version as compared to canele’s. Rich buttercream lightly flavoured with coffee coupled with soaked layers of genoise, fridged so much so it was cold and delicious. Only gripe was the lousy cheapo chocolate used but hey, these things can be scraped off!