Set Lunch @ Le Figue

French fine dining is costly no doubt, so a more economical idea would be to visit french restaurants in the afternoon when less costly ( though not necessarily more affordable) set lunch menus are available. Choices are limited so do some research before you go to see if you like the items on the menu.

Awhile back before I flew to America, I met up with Hui Yuan ( Lovin Greens) again for lunch at Le Figue. There were three main reasons why I chose this place:

1. The set lunch menu is priced at $28++ making it more affordable in fine dining standards

2. They change their menu weekly and that week’s menu ( I emailed the staff for a preview of it which they gladly obliged) seemed pretty promising

3. It was one of the few restaurants that Hui Yuan has not tried. This dear girl has tried almost every fine dining set lunch I believe! Hahaha (:

A slice of wholemeal baguette with piped butter on the side

I got a little worried when I saw this. Dry, tough, and now I can’t remember whether it was served warm or cold, this piece of bread made me wonder if the subsequent courses would be as disappointing as this.

Beetroot Capriccio, Shaving of Smoked Scarmoza Cheese, Confit Mussel, Tomato Jelly

This was my starter and I loved everything about it. Presentation-wise it was captivating, the deep reddish pink slices of beetroot with the toppings strewn all over were a work of art. And the dish was not just a pretty face, the melange of vastly different flavours and textures actually complimented each other really well. I especially liked the sourish tomato jelly and smoky scarmoza cheese which tasted at one point almost like mashed potato.

Pork Croquette, Crispy Apple Salad, Roasted Caramelized Almond, Egg Mollet Dressing

No less aesthetically pleasing was Hui Yuan’s starter. The main stars were the mini pork croquettes nestled in a host of different sides that helped to augment the dish. I tasted one of them and they were perfectly crumbed with stringy pieces of pork inside.

Mesclun Salad

Hui Yuan had her mandatory salad serving of the day. Nothing fancy, just some leaves tossed together with dressing.

Pan Roasted Angus Ribeye, Sweet Potato Mousseline, Vegetable A la Greque, Pan Split Jus

I requested for my Ribeye to be done medium rare. It was cooked well but I would have liked it more tender. I think the problem lies with the quality of the meat and not the cooking technique. The charred side piece and the centre piece which was the pinkiest were my favourite bits of the whole slab. What drew most of my attention were the pieces of brocolli, yellow zuchinni and sweet potato mousseline. I have a soft spot for crunchy and fleshy veggies as well as root vegetables!

Butter Poached Sole Fillet, Lemon Confit, Green Pea, Marinated Grill Eggplant

Hui Yuan was very much enamored with her mains. I’ll leave her to describe it to you.

Summer Fruit Sorbet, Candied Kumquat Skin

A light and refreshing ending to our meal. This dessert seemed very Asian-inspired to me because of the candied Kumquat skin. Reminded me a lot of the preserved madarin Orange peel my grandma used to feed me when I was younger (actually she still gives it to me now and then).

While desserts were pretty good, I was a tad preoccupied by the macarons from ET Artisan sweets that Hui Yuan got for my birthday ( Thank you again ^^). But we’ll leave that story for another post!