Thai Noodle House

If you are in the bukit timah area looking for good food at reasonable prices, thai noodle house which is located in the row of eateries next to coronation plaza is a good place to head to.

Tom yam seafood ( or chicken) noodle soup ($7) is definitely not close to the authentic version which according to my friend has a very deceptively clear broth but is spicy beyond words. Their rendition in thai noodle house is more suited to the local tastebuds- spicy and sour with citrusy notes of lemon grass but not to the extent that it’s overwhelming. What I like most is the glass noodles they use here which are pleasantly chewy and slippery but not to the extent that you feel like you are eating flour.

Another must try here is the beef noodles ($7) which features the same awesome glass noodles and different cuts of beef in a rich beefy broth. Though it may sound like it’s very meaty, the whole thing is in fact not heavy till you feel ‘gelat’ after eating all that beef. This is probably attributed to the fact that different cuts of the beef are being prepared in different ways. There are beef balls, pieces of minced beef and pieces of beef that are not minced, making the whole combination very interesting.

No matter how full I am, I always make space for steamed tapioca ($2.50). 2 huge pieces of piping hot tapioca doused in coconut cream makes a perfect sweet ending to the meal. The simple natural flavour of the tapioca blended well with the rich creamy coconut flavour leaving the friend with selective tastebuds very satisfied indeed. Simplicity at its best (:

There is no GST or service charge here, plus if you are in school uniform you get to enjoy student prices. Oh yes, did I mention iced water goes for no extra charge too?