Hong Kong: my favourite photos

One of my favourite places in Hong Kong for photography was the street selling dried food. The street reeked of what they were selling making it an ultra sensory experience for me!

I enjoy taking photos of people but I rarely do so in Singapore ( unless I’m covering an event) because I often get nasty glances from people after that who probably think that I am stalking them 0.0 But being a tourist gives me an excuse to snap as many photos as I want ( or at least I feel justified in taking photos of people :p).

This old uncle was listing down carefully all the things that we bought together with the prices. His wizened face spoke volumes about the amount of hard work and devotion he put into his dried foods business.

Dried foods are packed with flavour, perfect for boiling soups! The variety found in Hong Kong is pretty crazy, so do make time to go down to buy some.

Along the streets, I also caught sight of many people selling cuts of dried pork (?). It looked really interesting and mum wanted to buy some home to use for soup but dad of course protested against it.

Want some muscles? There’s no need for gym. Just keep lifting these sacks!

Next post: an authentic breakfast in Hong Kong 😀