Was craving for chirashi when I went out with my friends to tampopo. So while everyone else ordered ramen, I had tuna chirashi.

Tuna was sliced thinly, in fact thinner than what I’m used to. Each slice was pretty fresh, it did melt in the mouth to a certain extent but I felt it could have been better. Tamago slices were nice and sweet thanks to the mirin, yums ^^ the yellow pickles also provided a nice juxtaposition to the other dishes in terms of its crunchy texture and sourish taste. The disappointing bit was the vinegared rice lying underneath. In my opinion it was far far too sticky, making it extremely heavy and impossible to finish even though there was not much to start with. Cost for my dish totalled to about $20.60 ( including GST and service charge).

Didn’t have the much raved about scoop cake because I got something better from a friend who just came back from hokkaido (:

These butter biscuits or you can also call them mini butter cakes are apparently very famous in hokkaido. The buttercream sandwiched in the middle uses premium hokkaido butter as well as plump raisins that taste organic to me ( organic raisins are plumper and always packed full of flavour don’t you think?). It had a smooth and tasteful finish, sans the rancid smell of low quality butter. I love the two sponge biscuits too! Soft and dense, they went nicely with the piped buttercream and studs of raisins.

My friend bought 8 boxes which retail at about 18 SGD each. This is apparently the only thing that the shop sells and they don’t last for very long! But nonetheless, it seems like they conduct a booming business amongst locals.

It was really good, i was impressed but not over the moon for whatever reason. On hindsight, i realise why – pierre herme’s buttercream sandwiched between macaron shells easily trumps their buttercream made with hokkaido butter, period 😛


2 thoughts on “Tampopo

  1. Hehe i have a preference for maguro over salmon 🙂
    I’m not sure if you like your sashimi to be thickly sliced but I heard that the owner-cum-chef at Wasabi Tei is quite generous! I have yet to go there though cuz you have to be there at least 15 mins before it opens. Plus he has a reputation for being quite hot tempered. I’m scared! Lol.

    • I actually don’t really have a preference. All types of sashimi appeal to except for prawns because of my allergy!

      And yes, I prefer them more thickly sliced. I read about wasabi tei ( i think it’s called chikuwa tei now) in a few foodie blogs and I heard that chef toned down! I don’t think he shouts anymore xD

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