Prive Bakery Cafe

Keppel bay is a beautiful vista, exclusively located across a small bridge away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

With luxury yachts dotting the harbour and people dressed in sundresses and polo t-shirts, it’s hard not to sink into the laid-back atmosphere of the place.

Mum wanted to dine alfresco, but seriously, how can you enjoy hot food in such insanely humid weather without a fan?

Fresh fruit juice ($8) came in tall glasses and a sliced fruit embellishment each. Cute but a total waste of money in my opinion. Dad had this curious concoction of carrot, orange and ginger which he found weird ( no surprises here) while mum had starfruit juice.

Mum was starving ( she ate only two of my mini pancakes because she’s not a fan of sweet stuff) so she ordered a starter of creamy mushroon soup ($12). Each spoonful was studded with bits of wild mushrooms and judging by how she slurped up the dish, it must have been pretty good. But as usual, dad had to help her finish it and to his dismay, there were insufficient toasties by the side to help him wipe the bowl clean.

Dad’s smoked duck salad ($14) used a myraid of colorful vegetables, making it pleasing to the eye. It was a good appetizer, nothing fantabulous but good to clear the palate.

The cafe has a strict policy of only serving the lunch menu at 12pm sharp.

True enough, they only started cooking at 12pm and finally we got our mains!

Dad’s Slipper Lobster Linguine ($25) came as a little bit of a disappointment because we were expecting something more spectacular than that. The Linguine was hard according to him, a tad undercooked but the chunks of slipper lobster ( which were not generously given I must say) were sweet, juicy and packed with flavour marrying well with the tomato sauce base.

But the worst dish of the day would have to be the 225g Ribeye Steak ($38). Mum requested it to be done medium rare but it came more as medium well in certain areas and rare in other areas. Chewy, hard and an utter letdown would be the words to describe this dish.

Thank goodness I decided to stick to the safer choice of Eggs Florentine (13.50). The eggs were well poached complete with the runny yolk and sat atop a lovely bed of sauteed spinach and a toasted (albeit slightly burnt) english muffin topped of with rich Hollandaise sauce. I must confess I was not a fan of their Hollandaise sauce because it was so buttery and eggy that it threatened to kill my throat. After removing about half the amount, I found the balance just right for me. I especially love the spinach that helped to balance out the richness of the dish. Excellent!

My advice is to stick to breakfast items ( they serve breakfast till 5m if i’m not wrong), the soups ( i think the lobster bisque is served as a savoury souffle, saw some people having it but not sure if it’s lobster bisque) and maybe the desserts ( though I didn’t try any I read many favourable reviews). I reckon the reason for such eye-popping price tags for such mediocre dishes ( besides my eggs florentine) was because we had to pay for the awesome view we got. So take your time while your there, browse through the magazines and newspapers and just take a break from all the stress at work/school.