my dirty little secret: I like Mini Magnums

I know that magnum ice cream has a slightly watered down taste ( although it’s definitely creamier than say cornetto’s) but I actually like it that way! Not overtly creamy like some hand-made ice creams and not too diluted either. Ice-cream lovers will probably be shaking their heads at this point xD

I must confess that I never had magnums before in my life and prior to the extensive advertising of magnum gold, I was never aware of their existence. Out of curiosty’s sake, I told dad I was interested to try it and he bought it for me on the way home ( i have the best dad ever :D).

I found Magnum Gold overrated, it was too sweet ( they use milk chocolate for the outer casing) and the caramel swirls inside lacked the depth of flavour I was looking for. The only saving grace was the gold glitter that provided that novelty factor of eating a gold bar 😛

But the same cannot be said for the adorable little Magnum minis sold in cartons. The above is milk chocolate and almond, which i rate second best after my all time favourite double caramel.

The double caramel deserves special mention because of the crunchy paper-thin double layer chocolate ( you literally hear the ‘crrack’ sound) with a lusciously rich caramel layer in between. And in defence of magnum ice-cream, I actually saw vanilla specks in the vanilla ice cream.

Perhaps it’s just my personal preference, but don’t prejudice against this store-bought icecream. Mini magnums ( I recommend the dark chocolate flavours) are perfect for distribution during family gatherings and might ( it did for me) make the kid in you smile (:


6 thoughts on “my dirty little secret: I like Mini Magnums

  1. They do? :O I will most definitely try it then! Maybe i’ll like it better than double caramel.

    I feel so deprived, I can’t believe I didn’t eat magnums when I was younger!

    • i like all those that use dark chocolate 😀

      I think i’m growing old, i dont like milk chocolate anymore! I find that the milk adulterates the taste of chocolate itself.

      But magnum is really bad for the throat, i always feel like i’m going to get a sore throat after i finish 1 mini magnum x.x

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