Steamboat buffet- Chin Huat Live Seafood

I never liked buffets, and this steamboat buffet reaffirms my stand. Nonetheless, this place is good for students due to the unlimited amounts of food and the wide variety. This was actually my second visit with my ex-classmates, so we were pretty familiar with what was worth eating and what was not!

Anything you find at a yong tau foo stall, you’ll find it here too. In fact the selection is much wider! From seafood ( mussels, clams, fish) and meats ( chicken, beef) to vegetables and noodles.

There are two types of broths, one non-spicy soup which is supposedly herbal but does not reek of herbs at all and one spicey which is tom yam. The tom yam one is pretty tasty with the characteristic sourish tang and spicey kick. Throw in everything you chose and you are good to go!

My friends and I especially liked the tang hoon ( glass noodles) which soaked up all the goodness of the stock.

In addition to eating steamboat, you can choose to teppanyaki or barbeque your food. Each table is given a bowl of live prawns to throw into the steamboat and skewered prawns which are meant to be barbequed. The friends enjoyed their barbequed prawns very much (: The crabs given were not well received as they were not fresh.

The fish and squid you see above were supposedly teppanyakied but they came slathered in sambal chilli sauce. It was probably done this way to mask any fishiness if the ingredients were not fresh.

Amongst the deep-fried items the only things edible were the fried mantou buns. Sinfully good, these had crusty outer layers and dense but fluffy innards.

Other foods include sushi, dim sum, kong ba pao, curry etc. You name it, they’ve got it! But of course, everything is sub standard.

Desserts were all store bought so I don’t think they deserve a mention at all.

Service is quite lacking here, so don’t expect anything. Hygiene is also an issue, given the fact that I saw a few ants in the raw food and utensils were a little dirty. When I got home I was insanely thirsty leaving me to conclude that there was probably a lot of msg in the soups. I will never ever visit here, unless my class decides to come again.

We paid $20.40 nett and it was a weekend ( Normal pricing is $20.90++ if I am not mistaken). Feel free to negotiate with the manager if you are going as a big group. I believe the price is even lower on weekdays, at $16.90++. But let me warn you, visit only if you are desperate and have a serious appetite!

note: this place is opposite novena church