Greenwood Fish Bistro

After the horrible downpour yesterday which resulted in flash floods all over central Singapore, today’s weather was perfect- cooling and not as humid. I had nothing scheduled today so Dad suggested we go out for a lazy weekday lunch, before he hurries back to work for a spate of meetings at 3pm.

We decided to head somewhere close to home, greenwood fish bistro. I read many mixed reviews about this place, mostly complaining about the poor service and the dropping standards. Nonetheless, I decided to give the place the benefit of doubt since the menu looked really promising.

Reservations for indoor seating are a must, even for weekday lunches. I was surprised by the turnout in the restaurant, as greenwood is relatively out of the way and the indoor seating was quite sizable. We ended up having to sit outside, but the waiter graciously acceded to my request of giving us the indoor seating as soon as space was available.

Whilst waiting for our orders, we had fun reading the paper placemat on the table that taught us how to eat a lobster. After a short while, we were notified that there was space inside and were promptly brought to our seats. I much prefer indoor sitting not only because it is air-conditioned but also because of the atmosphere. The wooden furnishing, casually draped wooden tables and voices of people contributed to a laid-back environment very much similar to my experiences in tasmania or boston where I ate seafood.

Freshly baked herbed bread was served warm and toasty, a good prelude to our meal.

The menu was rather different from the one I read online. Firstly, set lunches are no longer available and secondly the dish that I was drawn to, the red miso cod ( $29.95), no longer promised the sides of grilled eggplant and pumpkin. I was rather disappointed because these are two types of vegetables that I absolutely adore.

My red miso cod did not come with the roasted beets as promised, and I was dismayed at the sight of mashed potatoes. Granted, the waiter told me my sides would be according to the whims of the chef but I was hoping he could make some initiative to strike a compromise. Barring these gripes, the cod was baked to perfection with the red miso marinade casting a sweet and salty finish to the flaky chunks of fatty flesh.

Yum Yum 😀 Now I know why some bloggers rave about miso cod so much! Wonderfully delectable indeed. The spears of asparagus were a little overcooked and the potatoes were not entirely mashed with some neatly cut chunks still present, but the main star of the show made all these little mistakes forgivable.

Dad picked the Trawler catch of the day: Ocean Trout ($29.95) which also belongs to the salmonid family and requested for it to be baked. The generous fillet of rosy pink succulent fish came smothered in garlic butter sauce nestled atop mashed potatos, long beans and sliced tomatoes. The fish was not overdone unlike the panseared salmon I had in Pontini making the meat sweet and moist. The garlic butter sauce was a pleasant accompaniment as it did not mask the natural sweetness of the meat. I conclude that I prefer fish to be baked/steamed because they are less likely to be overdone. Besides, I don’t eat fish skin so not having a pan-fried crispy skin is not much of a loss to me as compared to people like hui yuan who love to indulging in it 😉

Dad insisted on a sweet ending, although I much rather preferred to come home for my mini magnum. The waiter told us that only cheesecakes, creme brulee and brownies were available, which was surprising since I remembered that the online menu had a greater variety of interesting desserts. We proceeded with the brownie ( $8.95) out of pure necessity.

The ice cream tasted like it was store bought, and the brownie reminded me of brownies made using betty crocker’s brownie mix. Well, at least it was not overtly moist like those in ben and jerry’s, making it possible to actually finish it. Definitely not worth my calories or the price tag though! On hindsight, I would have probably enjoyed my mini magnum more.

The baked fish here in my opinion are well executed, notwithstanding the fresh and high quality fish that they get from the store itself. However to bring the dining experience up a notch higher, service can certainly be improved perhaps with a smile or two and more attention can be paid to the side dishes and dessert.

Note: Citibank cardmembers get 10% off