Indian Food @ Annalakshmi

We just had brinda’s last week but now that we are all back from our short trips overseas, my two friends and I decided to try another place that serves Indian food 😀

Annalakshmi is located in Chinatown point (B1-02). My friend told us that they are really special because there are no fixed prices for the food, you just pay whatever you deem sufficient. During weekends they only serve buffet probably to cope with the huge crowds which was really a pity because I was hoping to order ala-carte. I hate buffets because 1. you don’t know what to take because there is so much food in front of you and 2. nothing beats food specially prepared for you.

I started off with some papadum and some accompanying curries. They taste exactly the same as those from brinda’s. Perhaps they all use the same supplier.

I like the cauliflower curry the most, not because of the curry but because of the cauliflower. Also had a pancake lookalike which turned out to be a savory dish. Didn’t really fancy it because I am not a fan of overtly salty stuff and this one tasted to me like it had parmeasan cheese inside which is not exactly my favourite.

During the second round my friend and I managed to snag some freshly baked warm naans. Unfortunately they were chewy and tough, causing my friends to conclude that upon chewing for a period of time, it started to taste like roti prata sans the greasiness. I beg to differ, because prata tastes much much better. This one required more chewing than desired. At this point in time, we all missed our usual fluffy naans from brinda’s.

The rice had an interesting citrusy flavor to it, did they add orange juice or was it because of the saffron? I usually like basmati rice but I could not get used to the citrus flavor in my rice. My friends on the other hand enjoyed it very much. I much prefered the yellow rice with peanuts mixed inside. Unfortunately my throat does not cope very well with fried peanuts and the after effects of eating it are kicking in right about now……

My friend liked her plain lassi a lot. She commented that it was thick and creamy, akin to drinking yogurt from a straw. I had lime juice which was pretty refreshing but on hindsight, it was probably just lime syrup diluted with water.

These overtly sweet desserts left us wondering what the ingredients were because they certainly tasted sweeter than our usual white castor sugar.

My favourite way to end a meal: fruits

We paid a total of 10 dollars each. While I find the concept quite novel, I don’t exactly appreciate it because the food delivered was not exactly good. I would much rather pay for my food than to have the chef assume while he is cooking that he iss doing all this at worst, for free and at best, for a little money.

Then again, my friend assured me that the ala carte dishes are really quite good so this may not be the last time I’m patronising this place (: Do note that it is vegetarian dining so you won’t find any meats here!