PIG 05049

Mum recently bought me this book when she was overseas written by Christien Meindertsma.

The book describes the various uses of every part of the pig. It seeks to ‘ recapture the understanding and insight of processes that, due to industralisation, have become unfathomable and distant’.

It was pretty fascinating to find out that a single pig can have so many uses. It’s skin, bones, meat, internal organs, blood and fat all have one use or another, and they do not necessarily involve human consumption. Did you know the pig’s heart valve can be used to replace our human heart valve when it fails, that gelatin is made of collogen from the skin of pigs or that pig’s skin are used as a canvas for tattoo artists to practice their skills?

A very very cool book to occupy me for the afternoon before my first ever attempt at a marathon.

Needless to say, my feet are aching now. Adidas sundown had many organizational hiccups which were pretty disconcerting I must say. Directions given in the pamphlet were wrong. I ran 10km but also walked 10km out all thanks to the road blocks that prevented cars from getting in. Fortunately my friend was with me so we had a good time catching up with one another (:

This friend also asked me to join the 21km standard chartered marathon in december but seriously, i’ll be too stressed by then to cope x.x I think i’ll just stick to my weekly jogs!