Indian food@ Brinda’s

This photo is not mine, it belongs to a good friend (: Doesn’t it look so surreal? This view was just outside the place we were staying in in Nepal during our CCA hike to Gosaikunda Lake in December 2008. How cool is that! But guess what, my camera then failed me, so I didn’t manage to capture anything, AT ALL. I know i know, a good photographer should always have a back up plan >_>

While Nepal is not part of India, their food has many Indian influences. So my friends and I often crave for some good Indian food here in sg. Recently, we’ve been frequenting Brinda’s at bukit merah (because it’s near our workplace) , a no frills Indian fast food place. They categorize dishes like roti prata, chapati and thosai under fast food. While they are passable, they are not exactly fantastic and would start tasting less palatable as they cooled.

Instead of all these, I recommend you to step deeper into the place, and go into the mini restaurant space at the back which serves a different menu.

Unfortunately when we went yesterday, the mini restaurant space was being booked for a party, so we had to have no frills dining outside. Luckily, we could still order from the restaurant menu but they didn’t serve us complimentary papadum or have waiters helping us.

The naan here is a must try! My favourite is the original naan, soft and fluffy and served piping hot 😀 We like their garlic naan as well which has a layer of chopped garlic in between ( it’s not very advisable to eat it if you are working after that. The smell lingers for quite a long while!)

Chicken drumlets with lots of onion. The Tikka Masala chicken we had on the first time came in cubes and were more dry as compared to these which were chicken drumlets. But I think i still prefer the tikka masala fish because fish tastes better to me as compared to chicken 😛

This vegetable curry contained green peas and button mushrooms. One of my friends does not like frozen peas so she carefully spat every single one of them out while eating the curry. Talk about picky 😛 The curry is sweeter, probably because of the vegetables and less spicy as compared to the former.

The food here is of course not mind blowing, but it sure satisfies the Indian food craving for us. Back in Nepal we had rice with curry potato for lunch everyday so we are not very finnicky about our Indian food 😛 Prices here are reasonable, three of us paid 7.20 each for 6 naans, (each order provides 2 large pieces) and the two types of curries. Do take a leap of faith and try brinda’s if you are in the vicinity (:

I’ll be going hong kong next week for a short hiatus. Does anyone have any good local eats to recommend?

4 thoughts on “Indian food@ Brinda’s

  1. my goodness, what an amazing photo is that of nepal, the clouds and the mountains! i’m sure the beautiful scene was captured in your memory, thats what matters 🙂

    • Yea, we were about 4000+m above sea level when we stayed in that lodge if i’m not wrong! The sea of clouds looked amazing on it’s own but in the evening, the sunset really bathed the whole place in gold!

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